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Airtech FlightPass FAQ                         

Q : What is Airtech?

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A : Airtech started life in 1993 as a standby travel system for Transatlantic flights, offering bargain fares (e.g., Caribbean Islands for just $189 R/T), using guerilla marketing tactics with postings like "If You Can Beat These Prices, Start Your Own Damn Airline", & "Europe Sux, Why Spend More than $169 Getting There". By the late '90s Mike Esterson Company president was asked by High Times magazine to organize an events promotion & production company and grew famous as 420 Tours, the producers of the high times cannabis cup. What is Airtech today? We specialize in low cost fully reserved flights to and From Hawaiian Islands, Mostly Maui and Honolulu and seasonally to Lihue and Kona, From Los Angeles and Hawaii. We have even expanded into the backpacking biz with our newest project in David, Panama, and our newest venture Chocolate tours, spear headed by Airtech founder Mark Xian. We also currently offer flights from Amsterdam to New York, Boston and Seattle, costing $360-$450 for a one way ticket. We currently do not offer flights from USA to Europe.

Q : How do your flights to and from LA/SF to Hawaii work?
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A : We book last minute flights to and from Maui/Honolulu and San Francisco and Los Angeles, we offer service as well to Kona and Lihue on a seasonal basis mostly spring and summer season. These flights are typically booked 1-14 days in advance, and typically it is about $30 cheaper if you book within 7 days of travel. Call us at 212 219 7000 x2 or x1 to get a price quote and availability. We can also book flights on the same day from Hawaii to the west coast but we need 5 hours before the flight departs and we charge and addl $25 for same day bookings. If you are ready to travel call us, we take all major credit cards on the phone and you will receive all the information you need to travel by email including your airline code and e-ticket number. Frequent flyer miles are available as well, please notify your phone rep if you want us to take your FF# please note that only select major airline programs are accepted.

Q : Can I change the date of my flight to/from Hawaii and West Coast?
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A : Yes you can make one change but you have to cancel your original flight BEFORE its scheduled departure time and give us a new date within 1-14 days of the cancelled date (subject to change) there is a $50 fee as well. If you are not flying please call an airtech rep asap to notify us and arrange another travel date. Once booked and reserved your seat is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q : How do standby flights from Amsterdam to USA work?
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A : We offer year round flights from Amsterdam to NY, Boston and Seattle. These are unreserved and you have to go to the counter in Amsterdam the day of the flight to get on a flight. If the flight is sold out you will have to go to the next possible flight, but typically you will get out on your first attempt. However during certain times of the year flights can be very crowded and a longer date range may be necessary, this is typically from mid july to mid august, and around the Christmas holidays. Flights for the most part are daily in the summer and about 3 to 5 times a week during the rest of the year. Flights normally depart at around 2 PM. To use this service phone us to purchase at 212 219 7000 x2 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to make arrangements. You pay us $189 dollars to us and then 140 Euros to the airline in Amsterdam on the day of departure, for Seattle it is $269 dollars to us and then 140 euros at departure. Once we have been paid you should email us 1-3 days before you want to leave Europe, we will forward your name to the airport/airline and email you a copy of that. Then just show up (usually with Icelandair) with your confirmation email, pay the departure fees and taxes ONLY with debit or credit card as cash is not accepted at counter, if you do not have a credit or debit card you may pay the entire amount up front and pay the airline directly. Once purchased you have 12 months to use it, if the prices increase during that time you will have to pay the difference. After 12 months your purchase is null and void if unused. If you go to three flights and can not board you may use it within 12 months or get a refund minus $50.

To purchase call us 212 219 7000 x2 skype Michael.esterson put "airtech Europe" in request

Q : How do I get a refund ?
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A : Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Q :Are there blackout dates for Hawaii or Europe?
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A : No, but some dates can be tough: Holiday Season (mid-December to early January); Presidents Holiday (mid-February); Spring Break / Easter; Summer Peak (late July / early August). Travel during these periods may require more flexibility..

Q : Why use Airtech?
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A :

1. We're Restriction-Busters: none of this book-5-years-in-advance, stay-over-Saturday-night stuff. Our price is the same whether you purchase months, or a day, in advance. That saves you a bundle & spares you penalties.

2. One-Way Travel: we sell one-way flights in both directions, so you can use Airtech for one-way or roundtrip travel. Whichever way you want, price remains the same.

Q : Who uses Airtech?
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A : Models, musicians, artists, geeks, nerds, students, freelancers, free-wheelers, high-rollers, retirees... you’d be surprised who contacts us because we’re often surprised who contacts us.

Q : Where else do you go?
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A : We specialize in Hawaii/West Coast and Europe to USA, but for other denstinations as well as cars, hotels, boats etc .... Find the lowest airfares link (here and home page)

Q : Do I need a paper ticket?
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A : No.

Q : What do I take to the airport?
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A : : For all flights to and from West Coast and Hawaii, you will be emailed an E-Ticket with all the info that you need to board the flight, you may print that out and take with you or just write down the booking number for the check-in.

For flights returning from Europe check schedule at got to airport in Amsterdam see Icelandair at the SAS counter, be prepared to pay a departure fee with a credit or debit card only. If you do not have a paper pass email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further arrangements

Q : How do I know Airtech is a legitimate company?
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A : If you have to ask, you don't. Airtech was established in 1993. We've endured when 80% of the industry has either consolidated or closed. Our longevity is attributable to our prices & customer support. If we'd been ripping people, stealing their hard-earned like so many fly-by-night operators, then we'd be shuttered & gone underground on some remote island teeming with shady characters. Instead, we're recommended by Lonely Planet, Let's Go, Frommer's, Rick Steves, & more. Below are links to articles & reviews about us over the years.,9171,19523,00.html 

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