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NEW A4000 LFST Heat Shrinkable Release Film Tube

A4000 LFST is a heat shrinkable lay-flat tube which has been oriented in the transverse direction. When exposed to heat 249 to 348°F (121 to 176°C) in a recirculating oven, tunnel oven or from a heat gun, the A4000 LFST material will shrink to closely fit the mandrel. A4000 LFST is ideal for providing a self-releasing cover for mandrels used in fabrication of hollow composite parts. A4000 release film is an approved material on all major aircraft specifications.  


  • Prevents resin from bonding or attacking mandrel materials.
  • Reduced labor hours for mandrel/ bladder clean up.
  • Lowers extraction force required for mandrel/ bladder removal when used in combination with Airsock.