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NEW Carbon Triaxial Fabrics

Airtech TMGC-TX Fabrics are Triaxial Carbon Fabrics developed for the manufacture of composite molds with Airtech Toolfusion® resins. This range of Quasi-isotropic fabrics are balanced in every layer, avoiding the need for orientation of individual plies in laminate stack. TMGC-TX Fabrics are available in a selection of light, medium, and heavy weight fabrics. The heavy weight fabrics allow thickness to be built in fewer layers, with laminate quality for high quality post machining. Airtech TMGC-TX Fabrics deliver lower cost tooling solutions with superior performance.


  • Balanced fabrics do not require ply orientation, reducing layup times dramatically.
  • Simplified ply patterns reduces material waste to a minimum.
  • Engineered for Toolfusion® for ease of infusion and high quality tooling laminates.