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OOA Beta Prepreg

OOA Beta Prepreg is a new benzoxazine formulation that allows autoclave and out of autoclave (OOA) processing. OOA Beta Prepreg offers long term storage at room temperature. OOA Beta Prepreg has low resin shrinkage during cure and has a high glass transition temperature.

OOA Beta Prepreg TMBG-3 is a light weight prepreg for surface plies.

OOA Beta Prepreg TMBG-6 is a medium weight prepreg used for cauls and tools that are post machined.

OOA Beta Prepreg TMBG-12 is a heavy weight prepreg that can be used in conjunction with the two prepregs above or alone for tools that are post machined.


  • OOA Beta Prepregs can be processed outside of the autoclave.
  • Longer prepreg outlife allows for easy shipping and less time spent shuttling material in and out freezers and more time spent on actually fabricating the mold.
  • Outstanding toughness for long life in the composite shop environment.
  • Low resin shrinkage improves surface finish and reduces need for finishing.
  • Low moisture absorption eliminates tool drying after storage and reduces risk of porosity in parts.