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Vac Valve 429 SS HTR

Vac Valve 429 SS HTR was designed for high temperature cures where standard valves with silicone rubber seals fail. Vac Valve 429 SS HTR is to be used for direct connection to vacuum hoses instead of complex and expensive coupling systems. Vac Valve 429 SS HTR is usable up to 900°F (482°C) in combination with new high performance graphite seals. This valve can be directly screwed to our Airflow 800 or BBH1080 hoses which provide a safe connection for high temperature processes, such as thermoplastics. Graphite seals for high temperature use are easy to replace and can be ordered separately.


  • Economical solution for high temperature process.
  • Easy and low space connection to vacuum hoses.
  • High temperature gasket improves sealing performance, reducing risk of vacuum leakage.