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Beta TX 670 DISCO Prepreg

Beta TX670 DISCO is a prepreg sold in sheet format. This special format allows for simpler and faster layups. Beta TX670 DISCO Prepreg has a 0°,+/-60° orientation, is quasi-isotropic within each ply, and comes with an engineered cut pattern that improves drapability.


  • Discontinuous sheets reduce layup effort and improve conformability.
  • Quasi-isotropic within each ply, providing simpler and faster layup.
  • Will produce consistent laminate thickness for even heat-up and meeting design targets.
  • Exceptionally long out-life at room temperature of 6 months.
  • Has outstanding toughness, high glass transition temperature, and stability at high temperatures.
  • Exceptionally low shrinkage improves tool surface quality and reduces residual laminate stresses.
  • Excellent surface finish and vacuum integrity after machining.
  • Very low moisture absorption in comparison to epoxy tools.