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Message from the President / CEO

CEOWelcome to our 48th year in business, still family owned, and operated. We have seen a lot of changes since our founding, going from metal bonding as one of our primary industries to advanced composites, using fiberglass, Kevlar and then to carbon fiber. Aerospace was almost 100% of our business at the start and now it is still the largest part but shared with wind energy, automotive, marine and construction. Composite tooling has become a big part of our overall business and this too is constantly changing.

We are a very different company from years ago. Our customers need technical partners not just suppliers and we have earned the reputation of being a solution provider. One of these problems communicated to us was to remove labor out of composite part production. We answered by investing heavily in custom kitting centers to convert roll stock to custom sized vacuum bag materials that are ready to be used right out of the box. This greatly reduces the amount of labor needed to lay up a composite part, which in turn makes the quality of the part more consistent by reducing the possibility of operator error. In addition, it reduces waste and increases productivity.  Our six worldwide facilities are well known to the local companies and we can truly provide local service worldwide.

Many of the early Airtech employees are still here with over 25 years of service. We have added a lot of new, young and highly energetic faces too, to lead us in the next 48 year adventure. We also have third generation family members who are greatly involved and eager to show us new ways to do business, using the latest technology to order and learn about our products.

Thank you for your support in making us world leaders in our field of composites and we want to know how we can continue to help you with your business.


Jeff Dahlgren


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