Teflease MG 2 is a PTFE film coated with a silicone adhesive. Teflease MG tapes will release from most resin systems.  They are ideal for use on tooling blocks and all areas where high elongation and release is needed. Teflease MG tapes will form to critical contours and mold surfaces while offering multiple releases or may be used to cover multiple detail mold seams. They provide a semi-permanent release on cured Airpad tooling rubber and Aircast 3700 pressure intensifiers and mandrels.


  • Teflease MG2 provides permanent release and superior surface finish, saving time and improving quality.
  • Protects rubber tooling mandrels and intensifiers from resin attack, extending tool life and reducing cost.
  • Good elongation makes application to complex shapes easier, reducing time and improving quality.

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